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Back to School FAQs for 20-21- update 08.12.2020

We invite our Muroc JUSD community to engage with us throughout the school year, but even more so now during this unprecedented time.

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This information will be updated with new questions and updated answers as those become available to the district.

Q. When does school officially start for Muroc Joint Unified School District students for the 2020-2021 school year?
A. August 17, 2020


Q. When do we expect to go back to normal (100% in-person learning or phase 4)?
A. At this point in time, we are unable to predict the outcome. The district will base its decision on the recommendations from relevant health authorities, such as but not limited to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), California Department of Public Health (CDPH), California Department of Education (CDE), and the local health department.


Q. When Muroc Joint Unified School District moves into phase 2, 3, or 4, will a distance learning option be available if I feel uncomfortable sending my child back to school?
A. Yes, Muroc Joint Unified School District will offer a 100% distance learning track.


Q. Will meals still be provided?
A. To ensure no child goes hungry during school closure, Muroc Joint Unified School District will continue distributing meals to eligible students on the free and reduced lunch program.


Q. What will distance learning look like?
A. Muroc Joint Unified School District will provide access to devices and connectivity for all students. We will provide daily live interaction with teachers and other students. Muroc Joint Unified School District will provide a rigorous, intellectually rich, standards-based curriculum and challenging assignments equivalent to in-person classes.


Q. What if my child has an IEP or receives Special Education services?
A. Muroc Joint Unified School District is awaiting clarification and guidelines from the California Department of Education. Muroc Joint Unified School District is currently exploring all possible service delivery methods to provide support and services to students on an IEP. IEPs will be carefully reviewed and services will be based on individual student needs.


Q. Will Muroc Joint Unified School District be offering child care?
A. In regards to child care, Muroc Joint Unified School District is awaiting clarification and guidelines from the State of California.


Q. Will TK start at the same time or wait until in-person lessons start?
A. TK will begin along with the rest of the regular grades at your school.  First day of instruction is August 17th.


Q. I’m interested in enrolling in the Independent Study Program.  How do I receive more information on this?
A. The Independent Study Program, or ISP, is an option for any student in the Muroc JUSD, new or current.  For the enrollment process for current students, simply notify the principal at your school for your intent to move your enrollment from traditional to ISP.  New students will go through the regular enrollment process and notify the staff, or check box in online enrollment, the desire to be in ISP.  The Master Agreement and Learning Record will be done at the same time with the teacher/counselor (grade appropriate) after the enrollment process is complete.  ISP is tailored to each student, so no two experiences or enrollments will be completely identical with the exception of the paper process and auditing guidelines.  For more information, please contact your school’s principal.


Q. Can you tell me more about how students social-emotional development is supported in our current remote learning phase?
A. For any student who is experiencing social emotional needs, we have counseling services available as needed during regular school hours.  We also offer a service for one on one counseling with a mental health professional after school hours for free remotely.  All parents need to do is make a request through their principal to arrange services.  The district is committed to giving students peer to peer social interaction as much as possible during the regular school day through the avenues allowed throughout the COVID-19 restrictions.


Q. Does my child need to be visible on the camera during meetings?
A. The preference is for the students to be able to be live, “face-to-face”, to enhance the classroom environment and student interactions.  However, if you have concerns, please reach out to your teacher first.


Q. What other options are there is I do not want my students online for the duration of a regular school day?
A. The teachers will determine what the live class time will look like that relevant to their teaching.  All live recordings will be saved for future use or to revisit for lesson assistance.  The next best alternative would be enrollment is the Independent Study Program (ISP).